“That’s between me and the Danes, Private”–Skipper

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Okay, so I’ve been watching an obscene amount of Penguins of Madagascar lately.
Holy crap! Best. Show. Ever!
Rico’s my favorite. I sort of wish I had the ability to regurgitate explosives. Frikkin’ boss.
I’m so anxious right now, as well. I’m waiting to hear back about an internship in Indiana at a summerstock theater. Keep your fingers crossed!
I’m also excited about moving out in August. A good friend of mine and I are getting an apartment in a larger town. We’re also starting a line of Lolita (has nothing to do with sex, you perverts) clothing. Most of the business plan has been laid out to make it both efficient and easy to do for two people who are also going to school full time! hahaha
More on that later, though.
Well, I really don’t have anything else interesting to report now. I’ve gotta go finish up some psychology homework. Whoo.

keep li/oving,


Ever since then, the cow’s been…kinda jumpy–“Over the Moon”-RENT

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We’ve been horribly remiss in updating, and I can’t beg forgiveness enough.
Well…I CAN, but I’m being polite and repentant.
Life has a funny way of raping you sideways and keeping you busy when you least expect it, and it has been doing so quite skillfully lately (and not in the good way, either).
Ah, college.
This morning, Sir and I finally got around to having a bit of…personal time. It was absolutely fabulous until the, “go online and blog this. NOW.” part. Do you know how excruciating it is to pull away from a soaking wet pussy to type? Extraordinarily so, as it turns out. I’ve never been good at typing one-handed, so I’m squirming and writhing whilst trying to bang out a new entry as expediently as possible!
Now, if you don’t mind…I’ve got some business to attend to.
Oh, and I promise the updates will be far more frequent from now on! It’s just been a hectic few weeks. :/

Keep li/loving,

Danny Elfman is my hero…

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Once again, the title has absolutely nothing to do with the post.
I just happen to like Danny Elfman’s work because he’s a brilliant composer.

Again, todaay, Sir is the responsible adult, and I’m stuck at home. Though my house-arrest is due to the fact that I’m stupid and eat really greasy pizza late at night. Again. Without fail, between two and four in the morning, my stomach goes, “WTF, YOU CRAZY BITCH?@!!?!?#@one1” and I spend a while meditating on the porcelain altar. It’s quite upsetting.

The upside of this whole situation is that today was a repeat performance of Tuesday morning. Delicious.

Afterwards, I got the yen to change my nipple rings out. I got them pierced about a month ago with straight barbells. They’ve healed fairly well, but the left one was giving me issues. I think the barbell was too short. I decided to change them out this morning. Not only that, but I’ve gone up a gauge as well. I’m currently sitting here playing with my new 12G piercings. Though I’m not into needle and piercing play, there’s something erotic about cold metal through flesh. It’s a nice feeling. I’m probably going to go shopping for brand spanking new rings for my tatas tomorrow.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now.

Keep li/oving,


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I stayed home from school today, thanks to a few slices of greasy pizza and a sleepless night.

Hence the back-to-back updates.

Sir was at work (because he is a far more responsible adult than I am, lol), and I was bemoaning both my illness and the fact that I was uncontrollably horny earlier today.

Now, what ensued is probably going to be far less embarrassing to read than it is to write. Here goes:

He bade I remove my clothing, which I did. One of the best things about being home by myself is the fact that I can be nude and masturbate in peace. Multiple times.
Next, Sir told me to gently rub my clit and pinch my nipples. That felt fabulous! My nipples are pierced and I though the whole increased sensitivity thing was a lie. It’s SO not. He then told me to finger my pussy, which I did. I slipped in two fingers and slowly began moving them in and out. By this point, I’m soaking wet. I can feel it dripping down the inside of my thighs and the back of my hand. I started rubbing my clit as well, because I could feel the heat of impending orgasm thrumming between my hipbones. It’s a delicious feeling. I got a final mandate, “cum for me little girl.” That did it! Within four or five seconds, I was a whimpering, quivering mess of sweat and sex…with myself. lol

It was fun, and I told him so. Sir said walking around at work with a raging hard-on wasn’t quite as fun. I laughed on the inside, which was perhaps not the best idea. Seriously, can he hear me fucking think?! After a few more minutes of random chit-chat, he told me to remain naked, put a pillow between my thighs, and grind my pussy on it…while writing this entry. There’s a good reason for double-updating.

Now that I’m barely able to contain myself and almost completely horror-stricken to boot, I’m going to go…again. Tomorrow, I may not be able to move lol

Keep li/oving,
(a very embarrassed) Molly

1, 2, 3, 4…-Feist

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Okay, so the title has nothing to do with this post.
I just like that song.
So sue me.

Anyway, today Sir mandates that I write more (not saying that I MIND writing, simply that he told me to do so today).

Anyway again, I’ve been having lots of naughty public play thoughts. Nothing terribly scandalous, but restaurants and remote controlled vibrators seem like they can be a lot of fun. He’s mentioned something of the sort before, but my mind has expounded upon the idea. I’d love to go out to eat with both a remote vibrator and a plug in. Throughout dinner, he would have my reactions completely at his discretion. I can just imagine trying to control myself while both completely filled and vibrating. Hehe.

To add insult to injury (for lack of a better turn of phrase), I’d love for him to have me go to the loo, remove my panties, and leave them on the table when we leave.

Aside from the fact that the situation would be completely mortifying (yum), I’m sure that the busboy would have a fairly interesting story to tell for a few weeks.

Anyway, now that I’m all hot and bothered, I’ve got some business to attend to.

Keep li/loving,

South America…

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Last night was devoted to work.
This morning was devoted to exploring Brazil.
Sir approves.

Keep li/loving,

Falling off the edge of the earth…

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So, thanks to Sir talking about suspensions and/or bondage in general for a MAJORITY of yesterday, I had a dream about…
you guessed it!
Suspension bondage.
Sir built an entire system of suspension hooks over the bed (because, knowing how accident-prone I am, were I suspended over a floor, i would fall and crack my noggin open like a casaba melon), and he had the really badass, giant, like, hundred-fucking-dollar suspension rings that are “made from the same steel as airplanes.” lol I made fun of him for it in the dream, which was a HORRIBLE idea, mind you. Not the fact that he bought nice suspension rings, but the fact that he bought the hype kind, because I’m a pretentious bitch. lol If anything has hype, I can’t be associated with it anymore–yep, I’m one of “those.” haha.
So anyway, he decides to test it out on me, and gags me first as punishment for making fun of him (I mean, not that I minded lol…but still, reiterating the fact that it was a bad idea).
Then he somewhat replicated one of the Jim Duvall photographs, with the smiling girl upside down…with purple rope! Gorgeous! Though with the slight additions that I was bound side-saddle and holding on to the pole like I was flying on it. It was pretty fucking awesome.
He, thankfully, let me down after about five minutes or so and ungagged me. I begrudgingly apologized for making fun of him, lol
After that point, though, I woke up because I had to tinkle, as it was around six-thirty in the morning. Hooray bodily functions!
Anyhoo, it’s early, and I should be getting up and about soon. I’m working a concert tonight!

Keep li/oving,